What We Do

With nearly two decades of track-record in fostering your security and financial success, we manage both mutual and alternative funds and advise our clients on the various options available in the Portuguese and international markets to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

Mutual Funds

We develop and manage multiple products across different sectors to ensure a full scope of investment strategies, from risk-averse to high return strategies.

Alternative Funds

In a low interest rate environment, we are focused on generating financial returns through the investment in non-quoted assets with positive social and environmental impacts. Our team, alone or in cooperation with various specialists, manages real estate assets, companies and start-ups.

Wealth Management

With almost two decades of experience in managing your financial security, we look for longevity and quality in assets and businesses across multiple geographies.


Our recommendations provide you with a helicopter view to your
financial life that will drive sound decision making.

Process and Mindset

Skin in the Game

To ensure alignment between our interests and those of our clients, we put our own capital to work in our deal activity and ensure our international reach, expertise and access to capital serves us both.

Due Diligence Attitude

We don’t just assess the value and integrity of businesses. We approach every single activity in our operation with the same attitude. A due diligence attitude is about much more than just the fine print details. It is about forging strong relationships with all parties involved, whether you’re a client, a partner or any institution we deal with.

One Size Fits One

We don’t promote turnkey financial solutions. We believe in a one to one process where we first engage with our potential client. Defining the level of experience and risk profile is instrumental to our approach. Only by really understanding financial pursuits and motivation will we be able design the best financial strategy, one that is absolutely grounded in who the client is and what his or her best interests are.

Independent Thinking

Consensus is embedded in the price, which for us means always looking for opportunity outside the box. With your trust, we can look elsewhere and differently at the world around us. Smarter outcomes require different perspectives, and a different mix of products and financial instruments.