Attention is capital

We only take care of capital because we care for people. For that we must pay attention. This is the reason we are named Heed Capital

Heed[/hêd/]nameCareful attention

From Dunas Capital to Heed Capital

Heed is an asset management firm that focuses on investment funds and financial advisory across different geographies.

Formerly known as Dunas Capital, the company was created almost two decades ago and has been steadily growing in numbers, while also expanding its role in providing clients with a versatile, highly focused, independent approach to the highly dynamic environment of global markets.

Our international track record speaks volumes about who we are, but we are firm believers that the key to success lies in who we are and how we get there.

Heed Capital is a fund management company supervised by Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários (CMVM), the Portuguese Securities Markets Regulator.

Mutual Funds

We not only manage our own Mutual Funds but we rely on a wide network of partners both in Portugal and abroad.

Heed Patrimonio

With a diversified portfolio of global assets, Heed Patrimonio is a UCITS fund and invests in securities with different risk profiles, from bonds and shares to units in other funds and financial derivatives. The investment objective is to achieve an annual return between 4% and 8% with a volatility below 10% over 3 year rolling periods. Depending on investors' objectives and risk tolerances, the fund can be incorporated into a portfolio in several ways. As it is highly diversified, it can serve as the core holding in a portfolio or it can be the key component of the global asset allocation bucket.

Alternative Funds

Over the years we have been diversifying our areas of expertise towards Alternative Funds to better serve our Clients.

Golden Heed

Available for subscription. Our private equity fund Golden Heed, a closed-ended fund registered with the Portuguese securities markets regulator CMVM, invests in real estate companies at different stages of development, from value-added to greenfield, and in various segment in Portugal's main urban areas. Heed's team uncovers the opportunities thanks to our proprietary deal flow. EuroBic acts as the fund's depository bank and Baker Tilly as the independent auditor.

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