Golden Heed

Focused on development opportunities with an allocation to income

Available for subscription.

Our private equity fund Golden Heed, a closed-ended fund registered with the Portuguese securities markets regulator CMVM, invests in real estate companies at different stages of development, from value-added to greenfield, and in various segment in Portugal's main urban areas. Heed's team uncovers the opportunities thanks to our proprietary deal flow. EuroBic acts as the fund's depository bank and Baker Tilly as the independent auditor.

Main Characteristics

Strong Governance

Regulated by CMVM. The fund and its invested companies are periodically audited and all properties are independently valued by independent valuers certified by the CMVM.


Under Portuguese law, capital gains and income on venture capital funds are both tax-exempt for non-residents. Portuguese residents are taxed at a lower rate, 10% as opposed to 28%.

Golden Visa

New investments in this fund after October 9th 2023 stopped being eligle for the Portuguese Golden Visa program.

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