Iberian Student Living

Focused on the PBSA-Purpose Built Student Accommodation market

Closed-ended fund no longer available for subscription.

Tries to capture the opportunities available in the relatively under-developed Iberian PBSA - Purpose Built Student Accommodation market. After purchasing licensed land, the invested companies oversee the construction, the leasing and operation of the student accommodations with a view to selling them to institutional investors.

For investors wishing to diversify their portfolios or wishing to apply for a Golden Visa.

Main Characteristics

Strong Governance

Regulated by CMVM. The fund and its invested companies are periodically audited and all properties are independently valued by independent valuers certified by the CMVM.


Under Portuguese law, capital gains and income on venture capital funds are both tax-exempt for non-residents. Portuguese residents are taxed at a lower rate, 10% as opposed to 28%.

Golden Visa

Investing EUR 500,000 in a venture capital fund with at least 60% of its assets invested in Portuguese companies is the simplest and quickest way to qualify for the Portuguese Golden Visa program.

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