EuroBic Brasil

Diversify your portfolio with 80% in Brazilian bonds issued in strong currency and up to a maximum of 20% in Brazilian shares.​

10 years of consistent returns under the same manager are a testament to Heed Capital’s solid approach to long term investment.​

EuroBic Brasil fund allows you to access a portfolio of assets in the Brazilian market, with fixed income and equities, and an exposure to local currency never higher than 30% of the fund.​

The main assets on this fund are bonds and debt securities issued by Brazilian companies and the Brazilian National Treasury, however, there may be an investment of up to 30% of the Fund’s global net value in Brazilian shares or similar securities.​

Minimum investment: 1,500 USD Reinforcements (minimum): 100 USD​

Investment Risk


Volatility between 5% and 10%.

NAV: USD 147,1881
YTD: -5.98%
12M: 1.55%

Main Characteristics

Recommended investment term

3 years (minimum)​

Risk class

4 (four)



Redemption pre-notice

3 working days

Subscription commission


Redemption commission

1% in the first 180 days and 0% thereafter

Fixed management fee

1% per annum

Performance fee

20% of performance in excess of benchmark (Euribor 6M + 3%) with high-water mark

Depository fee

0.20% per annum

Guaranteed capital


Target investor

Non-professionals and institutions


Monthly Factsheet

The Monthly Factsheet shows the fund's recent investment performance as well as its main characteristics.


The Prospectus lists the main characteristics of the fund as well as the rights and duties of the unitholders.


Key Investor information.

Semi-Annual Report

Last available approved semi-annual accounts.

Annual Report

Last available approved annual accounts.

Fund Prizes

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